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Why Fly?

Flight is addictive. It takes over lives, filling its followers with a passion unknown to ordinary mortals. But why?

Flying High puts some of the magic into words, but it isn't the whole story. Sure, pilots get to see and do things denied to earthbound mortals.

There's the freedom to move in three dimensions, to climb and descend without let or hindrance, to be free of gravity for a little while. There's the freedom to twist and turn, sometimes to put your airplane upside down and look up at the earth.

There's the freedom to look down on the world, to see things from a different perspective, and often to see things you couldn't even have known were there from the ground.

There's the freedom from petty things, taking the mind away from the everyday cares which normally weigh us down.

There's the freedom to travel quickly from one place to another, treating speed traps, traffic jams and even the seas with equal disdain. No form of transport moves you faster.

There's also the challenge, of learning to control the machine that takes you there, understanding her behaviour and bringing her back to earth as gently as possible.

Flying is all that, and somehow more. Much more than can be put into words, any more than the scent of a rose can be described. To understand it, you have to experience it. Not just once, but many times, in all its different moods. Only then can you begin to understand what motivates a pilot.