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The Joy of Flight

This site is dedicated to the joy of flight. From the beginning of time, Man has wanted to fly. The ancient Greeks had stories of flight, both human and animal. Daedalus and his son Icarus were trapped in the Labyrinth, so he made wings, and they flew away. Daedalus escaped, but Icarus was filled with the joy of flight; he flew higher and higher, until the sun melted the wax on his wings and he fell to earth. Pegasus, the famous flying horse, comes from Greek myth.

Every culture has its flying myths. Even our own has Father Christmas flying on a sleigh drawn by reindeer.

To dream is not enough. For as long as people have been dreaming of flight, they have been trying to realise that dream. Leonardo da Vinci designed a number of flying machines. A glider was recently built to his design and successfully flew with a woman on board.

This site is dedicated to that dream, and to its realisation.